Our Story

Wools of Wanaka is a local and family owned business specialising in quality Merino Possum blend garments. We offer an exceptional range of clothing, accessories and yarn. We are proud to only offer New Zealand made clothes, made from New Zealand wool.
Possum and Merino knitwear is a blend of the finest merino wool and soft New Zealand possum fur, which is 35% warmer than cashmere (whilst still retaining that silky softness) and 50% warmer than merino alone.
Merino wool comes from the Merino breed of sheep. Merino are one of the oldest breeds of sheep and thrive in New Zealand’s South Island high country where the natural characteristics of their wool keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. Their wool is ultra fine and of a higher quality than all other wools.
Possum fur is so warm it won’t freeze due to the hollow nature of its fibres, making it one of the best and lightest natural insulating fibres in the world.
We believe in sustainable and durable clothing which is also stylish and of high quality. We therefore select our pieces based on this belief. Our range is extensive and contemporary, and offers a little bit of luxury for you to take home.