Market Day Jacket in Maritime, 100% New Zealand Made Possum Fur & Merino Wool Knitwear

Noble Wilde Merino Wool & Possum Fur Market Day Jacket

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The ribbed patterning of this garment, together with the cut and angle of the pockets, makes for a very flattering and stylish jacket.

The garment is crafted from an exclusive blend of fine Merino Wool (53%) and luxurious Possum Fur (40%) and 7% nylon which helps bind the two together.  Possum-Merino blend is warmer than cashmere and up to 40% warmer than wool alone.  It is recognised for its resistance to pilling and outstanding durability.

Hand Wash with care in cold water, using mild wool detergent. Squeeze, do not rub, rinse well in cold water, normal spin.  Lay garment flat on an airing rack to dry. Do not tumble dry or bleach. Can be Dry Cleaned.

Made in New Zealand